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Lijiang in Yunnan Province

  • Lijiang is located in northern Yunnan Province, covers an area of 7485.2 square kilometers with a population of 306,000, among which the Naxi nationality is 168,000. The average annual temperature is 12.6 and the annual rainfall is 900 to 1200 mm.

    Lijiang is a town of historic and cultural interest. Besides the scenery, Lijiang's draw is the 750-year-old Naxi town of Dayan. It is the best and last of its kind in the country.

Lijiang Tourist Attractions


Experts with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) have said that Yunnan Province is poised to become one of Asia's most sought-after travel destinations as well in the next 20 years.

Home to 25 ethnic groups, Yunnan is mysterious and appealing to European and American tourists who are amazed at the ethnic culture and various customs here.