Fubo Hill

The Fu Bo Hill is located outside the Fu Bo Gate of East Guilin; it is along Li River.

The hill is one of the famous scenic spots of Guilin, along with the Seven Star Cave, the Elephant Trunk Hill, the Du Xiu Hill, and the Cloud Folded Hill.

Every summer, when the Li River meets its raising tide, the hill will prevent the great wave from coming to the bank. Therefore, the water of the river will turn around in front of the hill.

The hill looks very interesting for half of it is standing in the river. It had become famous tourist attraction in early Song Dynasty (960~ 1279AD) because of the turning around wave in front of it.

There once were a Kuishui Pavilion, Suosi Pavilion, Moonlight Pavilion, Jin De Hall, and Yuhuang Garret on the hill. However, all of them were destroy because of the wars in the long history of China.

The China government rebuilt the constructions on the hill and built some new constructions like: the three floors Fubo Tower, the Linjiang Garret, the Hui Corridor, the Teahouse and the wall on the hill.

There is a little garden to the south of the hill. Going into the hill, you will find green bamboo and beautiful flowers are around you. On the west of the hill, there is a stand for you to look around. In the north, there is the Old Man Hill. As it sits on the stand, you can clearly see an old man with a cap on his head to prevent the wind.

Going down from the top of the hill, there is Huanzhu Cave. In spring and summer, when the Li River meets its raising tide, the tourists should traveling around the cave by boat; in autumn and winter, you can just walk. In the big hall of the cave, there are Shijian Stone, Thousand-Buddha Grotto, and many inscriptions.

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