Seven Stars Park (Qixing Gongyuan)

Seven Stars Park is situated on the eastern side of the Li River, near the city of Guilin, Guangxi Province. The park could also be called Ursa Major ("Great Bear"). The connection to Ursa Major is the fact that inside the park, which is enormous, lays Mount Putuo with its four major peaks and Crescent Mountain, with its three major peaks.

Seven Stars Park covers an area of 120 hectares and is Guilin's largest park. As such, it houses some of the finest sightseeing venues not only in the city of Guilin, but in the entire region. The major attractions of Seven Stars Park include Camel Hill,Tag Heuer Replica Watches Flower Bridge, Guihai Forest of Steles, Seven Stars Cave, and Seven Stars Zoo. There are a number of smaller attractions within the park such as Maping Mosque, Dragon Hiding Cave, Crescent Stone, Zenggong Stone, Light of China Square, Three Generals and Eight Hundred Warriors' Tomb, an amusement park for children, and a large potted landscape, all spread out over an expansive park area that is lush with greenery.

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