Lu Xun's Former Residence

The residence, a two-storied wooden structure in traditional style, is found at 208 Lu Xun Road in Shaoxing. He received revolutionary soldiers and young students here from 1910 to 1912 when he returned home to teach in a local school, and it was here that he wrote his first novel. To the east of the residence is the Three Flavor Study (Sanweishuyu), a private school that Lu Xun attended during his childhood.

Lu Xun(1881-1936), one of China's bestknown modem writers and author of such stories as Diary of a Madman and Medicine, was bom in Shaoxing and lived here until he went abroad to study. A man of humble origins, he wrote frankly and often with poignant irony about the lives of the poorer people in Chinese society. He was forced to hide out in Shanghai's French Concession when the Kuomintang decided his books were too dangerous. Lu Xun's former school and household have been preserved and are popular tourist attractions. His former residence is located at 208 Luxun Zhong Lu, and has been restored to its original state. There are more than a hundred rooms as well as a garden. There is also a Memorial Hall dedicated to his history on the same street.

This area is a treat, not just for the buildings associated with Lu Xun, but also for its scenic charm: wander around and follow the river south along Fuhe Street for delightful views of Shaoxing.

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