Anchang old town

Located in Anchang Town, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province, it is an ancient south Chinese town with a history of thousands of years. Features of south China's water town and local customs are well preserved here. 

At Spring Festival, the Folk Customs Festival is the highlight of Anchang's celebrations. This small town receives few foreign visitors and, other than at weekends and on major national holidays, not many Chinese, either. As yet unsullied by tourism, Anchang is a rare touristic treasure. 

Shaoxing is best known as birthplace of one of China's most respected modern writers, Lu Xun, whose novels are mostly set in this tranquil city. 

Like other south China river town, Anchang is characterized by small bridges over a flowing river that has houses on its banks. Black canopy boats drift along the river spanned by an arch bridge, alongside which is a long shed that functions as a market. As mentioned in Lu Xun's works, Shaoxing elders wear black felt hats. 

The long riverside shed is the best place to experience life in Anchang. This multi-functional public space serves as a market, passage and living space where people cook, eat and labor. 

If you feel tired and thirsty, go and sit at the long black table in the teahouse under the shed and drink a refreshing blue and white porcelain cup of tea. Amid the rising vapor and aroma, the tea is reflected on an overhead beam; reminiscent of the poem the slanting sun-rays cast a lingering glow, the broad river in its continuous flow.

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