Lu Town

Lu Town is located on the left of Keyan Scenic Area. It is the combination of a traditional attraction and a modern theme park, which unfolds before your eyes the old folk-customs, traditional architecture, and natural landscape of Shaoxing, the famous water-town. In other words, it is old Shangxing in miniature. Against the culture of Shaoxing, Lu Town integrates Lu Xun's works, such as the Story of Ah Q, Zhu Fu, and Diary of a Madman, perfectly with the tradition of Shaoxing.

Lu Town is huge and special. In Lu Town, your eyes will be full of grey tiles, powdered walls, small bridges over flowing water, dwelling houses along the river, and neatly-ordered old-type shops. Walking on the stone path, you will not miss the patrolling soldiers in Qing Dynasty clothes which may make you wonder whether you've been transmitted through a time tunnel into Qing Dynasty of China. Most of the buildings lining on either side of the winding river, appear in Lu Xun's writings. The main street has densely-situated old-fashioned shops including tribute stores, tin leaf stores, oil candle stores, tea lacquer stores, money houses, pawnshops...All these stores have died out in modern cities for long. It's amazing to have them appear in front of you as if you were still living in the old world which was gone forever. Besides the ancient stores, you will see the impressive characters in Lu Xun's works standing in front of you in life. They are actors and actresses. You can see Ah Q, the leading figure of the Story of Ah Q, Sister Xianglin, Jia yangguizi, and Lord Lusi, etc. 

There are a series of interesting statues, which reveal some plots of Lu Xun's novels, such as Ah Q Conducting a Revolution, Ah Q Being Hit, Ah Q taking Liberties with the Nun, etc. The images may make you burst into laughter. But if you've read the novels which have been translated into many versions including English version, you may feel sad for the ill-fated figures in Lu Xun's works.

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