Zhou Enlai's Ancestral Residence & Memorial Hall

Zhou Enlai was born in 1898 in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province. Shaoxing is his ancestral home. He is the great proletarian revolutionist, politician, strategist, and diplomatist. As one of the main leaders of Chinese Communist and a founder of Chinese People's Liberation Army, Zhou Enlai became the premier of the newly born People's Republic of China in 1949. He was fully devoted to the nation and made great contributions to China's struggling to its own feet.

Zhou Enlai Ancestral Residence is located in Laodong Street in downtown Shaoxing. It is a Ming-style architecture complex, which features an elegant and dignified appearance. It consists of tree rows of buildings. Each row has three rooms. In between any two rows, there is a roofless inner courtyard. On either side of the courtyard, there is a small corridor with gemel arches. The ancestors of Zhou Enlai moved to Shaoxing in Ming Dynasty. And Premier Zhou came back in 1939 and received friends and people from all circles in the residence. He delivered a speech there about anti-Japanese movement. In 1980s, the local government renovated the residence. In 1998, a new square with a bronze statue of Zhou Enlai was constructed opposite the residence.

Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall was established in 1998, against Zhou Enlai Ancestral Residence. It consists of Respect Hall, where stands Zhou Enlai's white marble statue, a display room, where you can see the genealogy of Zhou family and some documents on how Zhou Enlai supervised the anti-Japanese movement in Shaoxing, and a display hall, where abundant information about the great life of Zhou Enlan are exhibited.

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