Keyan Scenic Spot

Keyan Scenic Spot is one of the first national 4A-level tourist attractions and the main body of Jian Lake-Keyan Scenic Area in Shaoxing City. It is located in the west of Shaoxing, to the east of Hangzhou and is quite close to China Light Textile Center. It is a scenic spot famous for the ancient culture of Yue State, which flourished in Shaoxing about 2500 years ago. It integrates the characteristic waterside scenery of Shaoxing, the historical site of ancient quarrying and ecologic forests into a whole. With a history of more than 1800 years, the scenic spot firstly drew public attention in Han dynasty. In Qing Dynasty, it became well-known as Eight Scenic Spots of Keyan. It has been a key tourist attraction and attracted a lot of people since then.

Keyan Scenic Spot consists of several secondary tourist attractions, such as Stone Buddha Scenic Spot, Jingshui Inlet, Puzhao Temple and Memorial Hall for Celebrities of Yue State. Stone Buddha Scenic Spot used to be a quarry during the period of the Three Kingdoms. After skillful craftsmen'  continuous quarrying, multi-shaped stones, rocks, cliffs and caves took form. Now it has Natural Buddha, Lu Zhu Qing Yan, Qixing Rock, Bagua Tai, Wenchang Ge, Canhua Cave, and Lian Hua Ting Yin. JingShui Inlet focuses on displaying the waterside landscape of ShaoXing and its folk customs. A good many attractions including San Ju Tong Yuan, Children's Fairyland, Lovers'  Valley, Drama Stage, Stone and Bamboo Houses, Apricot Flowers Slope and Yuenu Pool will bring you into a fantastic world. The Memorial Hall for Celebrities of Yue State displayes the stone statues of the famous scholars and celebrities of ShaoXing from the ancient time to modern days including Da Yu, Gou Jian, Wang XiZhi, Lu You, Xu Wei, Qiu Jin, Zhou EnLai, Lu Xun, Zhu KeZhen, etc.

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