Baizhang Rock

Baizhang Rock is famous for a special waterfall. Two crags bend towards each other and form a massive hole, which is higher than 40 meters. The inner depth is more than 30 meters. A waterfall drops to the crags and water sprays all over the hole. When you go into the hole, you will find yourself in a fairyland of water mist. It is a cool and nice world compared with the hotness of the outside.

Baizhang Rock has drawn a lot of visitors. In 1983, the former Provincial Committee Secretary of Zhejiang visited the attraction and inscribed "Yi Xian Fei Pu", which indicates the wonderfulness of the waterfall. In 1999, some scenes of the TV series-The Legendary Swordsman were filmed in Baizhang Rock. When the TV series were put on the screen, the audience was surprised to find that there is such a beautiful place in China. And because of the TV play, Baizhang Rock becomes more and more famous. In recent years, the local government has developed new attractions in the scenic spot including a 3000-meter-long pedestrian-way and the enlarged Baizhang Rock Lake, in which you can fish. Besides, it has got many supporting facilities, such as parking lots and bamboo houses, where you can have a rest. Now, it has become a good place for you to beat the heat, take a holiday, have a picnic, or hike.

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