Mt. Jinhua

Jinhua Mountain is located to the north of Jinhua City. It is a key state-level tourism area with nine famous sites such as Karst Cave, Deer Field, Dapan, Grand Immortal Huang Palace, Jianfeng Mountain, Daguan Mountain, Back Garden, etc. The total area is 79 square kilometers with mild air all year round. The environment is cool and comfortable with clouds and mist floating around the mountains. This area, with characteristics as the sea of forest, with vast wildness of grass and spectacular caves and Grand Immortal Huang site, is universally acknowledged as the fairyland for holidays. 

Jinhua's mountainous area has more than 300 sites with spectacular caves, strange shaped stones, deep and secluded valleys, beautiful rivers and lakes. The mountains and rivers melt together harmoniously while caves are peacefully shaded with forests. There's a legend which goes that when Immortal Huang practiced Buddhism here he had left many fairy articles and whereabouts in the mountain. There are more than 100 sites related to Immortal Huang. The mountain is true to its name a famous mountain, an efficacious mountain, a fairy mountain and a fortune mountain.

Jinhua Mountain is famous for Double Dragon National Scenic Area. There are towering mountains and peaks, vast forest, twist springs in scenic area, and trees layer upon layer, caverns and temples compete with each other. Double Dragon scenic Area is the elite of Jinhua Mountain, and Grand Immortal Huang is the soul of Jinhua Mountain, he is charitable and revered by later generations. He has a lot of devout men and women from Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and North America. In order to exploit Grand Immortal Huang tourism resource, imposing Grand Immortal Huang Palace was built in 1996.

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