Zhuge Bagua Village

The name Zhuge Bagua indicates the uniqueness of this coastal Zhejiang Province village in eastern China. Zhuge is the surname of most of the villagers and Bagua describes the layout of the village in the shape of the Bagua or Eight Diagrams. This layout was used because Zhuge Liang applied the theory of the Eight Diagrams to military formation, which was very effective in defeating rivals.

The village center is the Bell Pond, divided into yin - water and yang land. Eight lanes radiate outward from it, forming the inner Bagua and carving the village into eight blocks. The village is surrounded by eight hills, representing the outer Bagua. To newcomers, the village is like a labyrinth, with many dead-end lanes impossible to navigate without a guide. Local residents are proud that the confusing layout of the village has helped defeat enemies.

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