Bayong Pavilion

Bayong pavilion is located in the southeast of Jinhua city. It faces south, looks out on the Wu River. The pavilion stands on the stone base, has more than hundred steps. When standing on the top of the pavilion, you could see the blue sky, the white clouds, the stretched mountains and the wandering rivers. Among the pavilions, Bayong pavilion can be the second to none in the coast of the southeast.  

According to Jinhua County Annals, Bayong pavilion, with the old name Xuanchang pavilion, was built by Shen Yue, who was a famous historian, litterateur, satrap of Dongyang county in Nan Dynasty. After completion, Shen Yue always wrote poems when he stepped upon the pavilion, and left many poems with the universal praise. His first poem was mounting the Xuanchang Pavilion, and then he wrote Xuanchang Pavillion Bayong. Based on them, he wrote another eight poems, called Bayong poems. So, since Tang Dynasty, they changed the Xuanchang pavilion into Bayong pavilion.

Since its foundation, Bayong pavilion was related with the famous people, heroes in more than 1400 years. Li Bai, Yan Wei in Tang Dynasty, Lv Zuqian, Li Qingzhao, Xie Ao in Song Dynasty, Zhao Menfu in Yuan Dynasty and many other poets, calligraphers, came here to write poems, and they left a great number of famous writings.

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