Baishanzu National Natural Protection Zone

As is implied by the name, the nature reserve consists of two parts. Among them, the Fengyangshan Nature Reserve is characterized by rich storage of rare plant and animal species; the wonderful summer resort, Fengyang Mountain; the highest peak in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, Mount Huangmaojian. While the Baizushan features especially for the endangered Baishanzu Fir and its breathtaking natural scenery.

In the protection area, the chains of mountains are winding; the stream is flowing; the climate is clouding; the rainfall is abundant. Besides, the breeds of plants and animals are rich, among which there are more than 40 breeds of plants being in severe danger under the protection by government. Baishanzu fir, listed as one of the 12 breeds of plants being severest in danger in the world by SSC, is the remnant species of the fourth century glacier climate. It is also the ideal place to study the succession of forest vegetation groups. In the forest, there are kinds of edible and medicinal bacterium. The technique of growing mushroom, appraised as "the best plant food"  originates from this place. It is also a rare natural zone for protecting forest zoology and the biology diversity and is the attractive place for scholars to make research.

A great progress about the development of the protection zone has been made in recent years. For example, the breeding of filial generation of Baishanzu fir has been successful; the zoology tour has been set up primarily.

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