Shuanghougang She Minority Nationality Resort

Shuanghougang She minority nationality resort is located in Hexi town, She minority has its own language. They are good at singing and usually sing to communicate instead of speaking and for fun. She minority nationality costume, craftwork, food, housing, wedding custom and tradition, religious totem all have distinct and brilliant features of its nationality. The unique and attractive She minority nationality custom and tradition is mainly characterized in the existing She minority nationality villages, which are usually built with primitive simplicity attaching to the mountain.

The present typical villages include Shuanghougang and Dongnong ect. Shuanghougang She minority nationality village is the key scenic spot of Jingning County with fast and convenient traffic in that it only takes ten minutes to reach the county from there. Shezu people live in close communities. Jingning is the only Shezu autonomous county in china. The culture of Shezu people, their brilliant attire, their diet, marriage and religion, are sure to fascinate tourists from all parts of the world.

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