Longquan Mountain

Longquan Mountain Landfill He Fei City, An Hui Province, China Owned by Environment Sanitation Bureau of He Fei City It is entitled the  "City of Cyan-China"  and "City of Treasure Sword". Tracing back to the Neolithine Age, there were human beings living in Longquan city of the time. Longquan City is rich in historical culture and natural resources, especially in its Cyan-China and sword. Longquan Cyan-China first appeared in the Jin Dynasty of Chinese history. When in Song Dynasty, its crafts came to a climax and were one of the five famous kilns in China.

With exquisite and novel design, Longquan Cyan-China is welcomed all over the world. Grand mountains and blue rivers surround beautiful Longquan City. Forests cover 70% of this land. Huang maojian, with its altitude of 1929 meters, is the highest peak in Longquan Mountain (Fengyang Mountain), the national natural protection area, and even the highest peak in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area. Longquan Mountain is also praised as the "Cradle of Fossil Plants in East China"  because of its age-old, rich, pure and quiet nature zoology.

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