Shi Men Dong (Stone Gate Cave)

Stone Gate Cave is located on the south side of Oujiang River in the northwest of Qingtian County with a distance of thirty kilometers from the county and national highway 330 on the opposite side of Oujiang River, which offers fast and convenient traffic. Stone Gate Cave was ratified as key cultural relic unit protected at provincial level in 1963, approved to be the place of historical interest and natural beauty in 1985 and rank as a provincial forest park.

Lishui City belongs to subtropical monsoonal climate with a distinct four seasons, warm and humid, abundant rain, and annul average temperature is 18.3 Centigrade to 11.5 Centigrade. The best time for traveling there is spring and autumn.

The petroglyph of Stone Gate Cave has a long history with a rich and colorful content and a high literate and art value. There are 71 petroglyphs left by Xie Lingyun, Ruanyuan, Shenkuo and Guo Moruo etc. historic celebrity since Nanchao, among which there are 25 petroglyphs layouts in Flag Hill and Drum Hill of Stone Gate Cave; 63 petroglyphs in the "Moon Cave"  which is on left of Dragon Pond; and the 27 steles with Zheng, Li, Wei, Xingcao and Zhuan chirography. The petroglyph in the Flag and Drum Peaks is more than ten meters high, and the charter is more than a meter with grand vigor and cross the cliff; the stele is superb craftsmanship with intensively and carefully work out.

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