Yanqing Temple

Yanqing Temple is located on northeast of Bao Gong Lake, it's one of the famous Taoism temple in China. It's originally named Chongyang Temple; it was built in the 5th year of Yuan Zong of Yuan Dynasty in memory of Wang Chongyang, the founder of Chuan Chen Tao (one sect of Taoism). It was repaired and renamed as Yanqing Temple in 1373 AD in Ming Dynasty. Now it is the national key cultural relic protection unit.

Yanqing temple pagoda is an important view in Yanqing temple; it is situated in Tashixia village in the west of Songyang County with a distance of three kilometers from the county. Its construction started in the second Xianping year (999) of Song dynasty and finished five years later in 1002. It has an attic-styled structure of brick and wood. It is hexagonal with seven floors and hollow inside. People can step onto the top of the tower. It has arched ceiling and stretching eaves. The pictures on the tower wall could still be recognized. The characters on the tablet "Yanqing temple pagoda" are the handwriting of Mr. Sha Menghai. It is a cultural relic unit protected at provincial level.

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