An Impregnable pass of Birds-the Transfer Station for Migratory Birds

According to statistics, there are 1,247 species of birds in China, 793 of which are in Yunnan making up 63.5% of the total. Now, it is generally acknowledged by ornithologists at home and abroad that Yunnan is a favorable place for bird study and a paradise for birds.

Migration is the important characteristics of migratory birds. In Weishan County, Dali Prefecture is Longqingguan Mountain Pass that is the only pass for the migration of birds. Beside the pass in the dense virgin forest at an elevation of 2,700 meters stands a horizontal slabstone with the inscription of "An Impregnable Pass for Birds", which, according to textual research, was inscrible in Wanli Period, Ming Dynasty more than 400 years ago, and is the earliest record of the pass for migrants. Besides being the pass for migrants, Longqingguan Mountain Pass was also an important pass for trains of horses carrying goods.

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