Liyuan Village in Dali

Liyuan Village sits in Eryuan County of Dali Prefecture. There are mountains in its three sides and Cibi Lake in the rest side. The best route to the village is taking boat and going through the lake, and, at the same time, enjoying the lake as well as the landscape around.

After a while on the lake, one can see a large wood of pear-trees in the col in sight. This wood covers and area of 600 mu; the high trees cover thickly the whole col and the hundreds and thousands of pear trees set off the hundred houses of Bai people; the colors of the houses spreading in the deep wood are visible. The wood and the houses are so close, which melt them into a whole one. Here trees and grasses are green; wild flowers are out; birds are flying; cicadas are singing. What a tranquil and harmonious prospect!

The earliest pear-tree planters came to this village in Ming Dynasty. While opening up wasteland in virgin forest, they also planted a lot of pear-trees. Now the former pear-trees have become a large luxuriant wood.

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