Mizhi Township-Hometown of Oriental Serenade

The folk song "Stream Flows with Water" (Xiao He Tang Shui) from Yunnan is reputed as the "Oriental Serenade" in the world music circle and has become one of the classical Chinese music works in the 20th century.

Mizhi Township in Midu County, Yunnan is the hometown of this famous song Stream Flows with Water. Midu is also one of the sources for Han folk-song in Yunnan and, it is said, many folk songs passed in generations are out of here.

The yearly "Huadeng Show" in the Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in Mizhi. Story says that Mizhi of Midu was an important post long time ago. As caravans and dealers passing through here would watch plays or enjoy Huadeng to idle the long night when they stayed at inns. And as a result of that, the art of Huadeng could have rooted here and passed on in generations. Whoever that has been to Mizhi would find people here, young or old, male or female, can all sing Huadeng straightaway and dance with fans in Huadeng dancing paces. No wonder the saying says: "Nine out of ten persons from Mizhi can sing Huadeng; entering Mizhi Basin, one can hear songs flying." 

Mizhi Township is called the "Hometown of Chinese Huadeng".

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