The Jizu Hills in Binchuan

Located 36 kilometers from Binchuan County, the Jizu Hills derive their name from the chinese word for chicken foot, which locals claim it resembles. The hills are not only a famous Buddhist sanctuary, but also a beautiful tourist resort.

From the second floor of the Lengyan Tower on the top of the nearby hills, the Cangshan Mountains, Three Pagodas and Erhai Lake can all be seen standing face to face in the west. Yulong (Jade Dragon) Snow Mountain covered with silver snow can be seen to the north.

Lengyan Tower
The principle surviving buildings of Jizu Hills are Lingshanyihui Archgate, Zhusheng Temple, Lengyan Tower, Jinding Temple, Copper Buddha Hall, Jiaye Hall, Huideng Convent and Taizi (prince) Pavilion.

Binchuan is 393 kilometers from Kunming. Buses are available at any bus station in Kumning.

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