The Shibao ( Stone Treasure ) Hills in Jianchuan

Located 25 km southwest of Jianchuan County, the Shibao (Stone Treasure) Hills are also called the Shizhong (Stone Bell) Hills. Built during the Tang and Song Dynasties, it is considered an offical historical site.

The Shibao Hills scenic region is consists of the Shizhong Temple, the Baoxiang Temple and Haiyunju County. One hundred and thirty-nine statues of Buddha in 16 grottoes are scattered throughout Shizhong Temple, and Shiziguan and Shadengqing of the Shizhong Temple section. The Baoxiang Temple section is the most scenic attraction of Shibao Hills. The Baoxiang Temple has a reputation as the "Suspended Temple" . Thousands of stone steps ascend to the Cascade, Stone Tower, Sky Ladder, and Ancient Bridge, halls and pavilions. The gate of the Shibao Hills is in the Haiyunju section.

The optimal season to visit the Shibao Hills is the end of the 7th month and the beginning of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. There is a traditional singing and dancing jamboree held each year, which never fails to enchant visitors.

Jianchuan is 524 km from Kunming. Bus tickets can be purchased from any bus station in Kunming to Jianchuan via Dali.

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