Sideng Street at Shaxi Town

The Last Ancient –Fair on Tea & Horse Ancient Road-Sideng Street at Shaxi Town. In October 2001, the World Memorial Fund for Architecture (WMF) announced in New York that the Sideng Street in Shaxi Town of Yunnan, China replica orologi rolex was taken into the protection list for the world 101 architectures in danger. Shaxi Town in Jianchuan County, Yunnan is a small basin embraced by green mountains, in which are inhabiting Bai, Han, Yi and Lisu peoples and among them Bai people are the major one. Sideng Street stretches straight from south to north and forms a street about 400m in length. The street is paved with blue slab stones with spots; the pattern of the architectures along the street is two-storied houses with shops in the front and courtyards in the back. Sifangjie at Sideng Street is the center of Shaxi Town and also a fair site that assembles temples, ancient platform for plays, shops and horse-caravan-inns.

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