Stone Forest

Located in Lunan County, The Stone Forest is known as the  "First Wonder of the World"  for its natural landscape. It is 86 km southeast of Kunming where a high - grade road extends to the park entrance.

"If you have visited Kunming without seeing the stone forest, you have wasted your time"  warns a local saying, expressing the deep love of the local people toward this natural wonder. The quintessential karst landscape leaves every tourist lost in wonder.

In addition, to the parks natural beauty there are also a number of other cultural attractions which will greatly enhance the enjoyment of the trip as well as increasing your knowledge of the regions rich heritage. Some of the main attractions include: the colorful ethnic cultures and ancient folklore of the Stone Forest, the amazing legends of  '"Ashima", the  "Torchlight Festival" of the Sani people on June 24 of each year, and of course the warm and spirited Yi nationality dance "Axi Dance Under Moonlight". 

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