Grand View Park (Da guan Lou)

This park is at northernmost tip of Dian Chi, 3km southwest of the city centre. It covers 60 hectares and includes a nursery, a children's playground, rowboats and pavilions. A Buddhist temple was originally constructed here in 1862. The Grand View Tower provides good views. Its facades are inscribed with a 180-character poem by Qing poet Sun Ranweng, rapturously extolling the beauty of the lake.

At the northeastern end of the park is a dock where you may be able to get a boat to Longmen Village and Haigeng Park. From Longmen Village you can hike up the trail to Dragon Gate and Xishan, and catch a minibus back into town from near the summit at the Tomb of Nie Er. From Haigeng Park, tack bus No.44 to Kunming's Mail train Station.

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