Dongzhulin Monastery

Dongzhulin Monastery in Deqin County of Diqing Prefecture was built in 1667 and was originally a monastery for White Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. In the 13th Kangxi regal year of Qing Dynasty it was annexed by Yellow Sect of Tibetan Buddhism and changed to Yellow Sect. The V Dalai Lama granted it the name Gedan in the 15th Kangxi regal year. After having it extended, Dongzhulin Monastery becomes the largest one in the three monasteries of Yellow Sect in Deqin County and one of the centers for religious culture and activities in Kangnan Region.

The structures of Dongzhulin Monastery are built up one after another according to the mountain terrain. The main hall is solemn and splendid with residing rooms for monks around, showing an obvious three-dimensional appearance. The main hall is a four-storied earth-wood structure and its first storey is for all monks in this monastery to read Scripture in. The second and the third stories are respectively for hall of lector, hall of Buddha statues and hall for meditation rooms for senior monks. On the walls, posts and beams on each storey are pained frescos and colored pictures, engraved wooden carvings or hung Tangka paintings. There are 104 meditation rooms and monk's cells around the main hall.

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