Jinzhu Zhuang village

20 miles from the county lies the Jinzhu Zhuang Village. Stepping into the Longji Scenic Spot, it is the first Zhuang Village that you will come across. Numerous wooden stilt houses built at the foot of the hill overlap each other-This is the famous splendid sight of "ladder houses".

UNESCO officials, impressed by the wide and dry wooden houses as well as the clean and tiny village, spoke in glowing terms and called it the "the Model of Zhuang Villages". You can see plain stone gates and stone wells here, as well as King Moyi hanging on the old tree, the hero in Zhuang folk tales who guards the village like a patron.

Do not forget the marvelous Zhuang songs and dances. The Grass Skirt Dance, for example, was performed to celebrate a girl becoming an adult in remote antiquity. The name must come from dancers wearing masks and grass skirts when they give their performance. The Carrying Pole Dance, the samba of China, celebrates the harvest. Dancers move according to the lively rhythms made by striking bamboo carrying poles. And, the Calabash Dance is to impart the wine making skills.

Typical local snacks of Jinzhu include Zhutong Zhengji (steamed chicken made in the thick bamboo tubes) and Zhutong Nuofan (glutinous rice made in the thick bamboo tubes), all of which are put in table ware made of bamboo, and full of rich local flavor.

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