Baimian Yao Village

Located in the Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park, the Baimian Yao Village is about six kilometers from the Longsheng Hot Spring. Surrounded by luxuriant forests, the village houses the Red Yao people's community.

The Baimian Yao Village covers a total area of about 35,000 square meters and the building area is approximately 3,000 square meters. In front of the village gate stands a tablet which is inscribed with the village rules. Outside the gate there is a pillar, the totem of the Red Yao people. Below the village, a huge rock resembling the dragon's tongue protrudes from the mountainside. Hence its name: the Dragon Tongue Rock. The rock has other names, such as the Red Army Rock or Kuangming Rock to commemorate the victory of the Long March.

The Baimian Yao Village has a special custom in that the men in the village often marry into and live in their bride's family. This tradition has passed down from generation to generation. Another attractive feature of the village is that the young people sing folk songs to attract their sweethearts.

Those who visit the village can take part in the traditional sporting activities, including propping the bamboo bars or playing tug of war with the elephant. They can also appreciate the wonderful dances performed by those Red Yao girls with their long hair.

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