Changjiang Reservoir Resort

Changjiang Reservoir Resort rests roughly 9 kilometers south east of Shiqi, the downtown area of Zhongshan city. Covering an area of nearly 36 square kilometers, the resort has become a hot scenic spot for city-dwellers. In Zhongshan, there may be no prettier place to take a walk along the lake on a summer's dawn, or have a barbecue in a spring afternoon, so no wonder the resort has been voted "an-impossible-to-miss" local sight.

The resort is named after the reservoir within its area, but the name of the reservoir always raises visitors' curiosity. Why is the reservoir named Changjiang (the Yangzi River) although it has nothing to do with the mother river -Changjiang.  According to a legend, about 300 years ago, a Mr. Long and his nephew came from their hometown Jiangxi province to farm in this wildness. They named the place they resided "Changgang" (literally, it means a serious of hills) because on their way from Jiangxi to Zhongshan, they walked through one hill after another. To commemorate their hometown Jiangxi, they changed "Changgang" to "Changjiang". (In some Chinese dialects, Gang is the homophony of Jiang.) So Zhongshan's Changjiang originating from "Changgang" is far different from the Changjiang, the mother river for Chinese.

With a storage of 50 million gallons, Changjiang reservoir is located in the north of Wuguishan Mountain, once an important base of operations during the anti-Japanese guerilla war and now the only nature reserve in Zhongshan. The basic construction of the reservoir was completed in 1963, including 6 big ponds, 7 flat-topped mountains and a 6-meter-wide, 330-meter-long dam. The resort is built with the reservoir in its center, just like a mountain-rimmed emerald. The stomach-wrenching bird's eye view of the sweeping mountains is reason why they can leave visitors satisfied. Besides, the water in the reservoir winds through islands of endless green thick trees, such as redwood, camphor, bead tree and many other varieties of trees. The green trees, as thick as a green silk, are reflected in the clean water, forming a green land of fairly tales, not to mention the numerous fishes nurtured in the crystal-clean water which add a lively feel to the wonderland.

There are other attractions, such as the giant rock resembling a woman waiting eagerly for her husband to come back home, the duck pond, the Changlongken waterfalls and many other interesting oddly-shaped stones.

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