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Lijiang is located in northern Yunnan Province, covers an area of 7485.2 square kilometers with a population of 306,000, among which the Naxi nationality is 168,000. The average annual temperature is 12.6 and the annual rainfall is 900 to 1200 mm.

Lijiang is a town of historic and cultural interest. Besides the scenery, Lijiang's draw is the 750-year-old Naxi town of Dayan. It is the best and last of its kind in the country.

The Naxi people migrated to Lijiang long ago from northeastern Tibet. Their original religion, called Dongba after the name of its ritual specialists, resembles the nature worship and other concepts of pre-Buddhist Tibet. It has aroused the interest of the world's scholars, particularly because the Dongbas' religious manuscripts were written with their own pictographic script.

Naxi men have maintained a musical tradition. The first classical Naxi orchestra was founded under Kublai Khan's patronage, and the music and tradition have remained unchanged for over seven centuries. Naxi women are responsible for the hewing and hauling, marketing, most of the fieldwork, and managing the family's money. Men still retain ownership of the property, however.

The costumes of the women reflect their responsibilities and feature a sheep-skin "seven-starred cape". Frog-shaped, the top is black and the bottom white, representing night and day, while across the center seven embroidered circlets represent the stars of the Big Dipper.

A true matrilineal society exists northeast of Lijiang among the Mosu, in the area of Lugu Lake. There, the house and land pass from mother to daughter, and all children remain permanently attached to their mother's household. Most Mosu still practice their "walking marriage" custom, whereby the man comes to the woman's house only at night and returns to his mother's in the morning. Women manage the household, and fieldwork and men are very much in the background.

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