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Kunming City - Four Seasons of Spring City and the Eastern Geneva

Kunming, which is situated in central Yunnan and north of the Dianchi Basin, is skirted on three sides by mountains, with one side opening onto the Dianchi Lake. The city is nicknamed "City of Spring" due to the fact that it is covered all the year round with the rich verdure of trees and plants. Endowed with a pleasant climate, the city's 15,000 square kilometres of land is adorned with more than 400 kinds of flowers. Kunming is world-famous for its abundance of camellias, orchids, azaleas and Primula malacoides , which can be found in the Kunming Botanical Garden, where 4,000 varieties of tropical and subtropical plants grow profusely.

Kunming is also a renowned historical and cultural city in southwest China. Kunming City -"Four Seasons of Spring City" and the "Eastern Geneva" In ancient times it was an important gateway to the celebrated Silk Road which conducted to Tibet, Sichuan, Myanmar and India. The city's highland scenery is alluring, its karst landform is bewitching. Its people are known for their varied and exotic habits and customs, and its land is pockmarked with historical artifacts, places of cultural interest, and gardens landscaped with a picturesque taste. Among the major scenic spots of Kunming are the Dianchi Lake, the Cuihu Lake, the Village of Ethnic Culture, the Jindian (Golden Temple) Park, the Western Mountain Forest Reserve, the Stone Forest, the Jiuxiang Scenic Belt, the Yuantong Mountain, the Grand View Pavilion, and the Qiongzhu Temple.

Kunming Tourist Attractions

    Stone Forest

    Located in Lunan County, The Stone Forest is known as the  ...

    Dianchi Lack

    The Dianchi Lake, 370 square kilometres in area, 44 metres in depth, an...
    Western Hills

    The Western Hills , about 15km's from Kunming city , is located on the ...
    Bamboo Temple

    Bamboo Temple is located in Yu'an Mountains in the Northwest of Kunming...
    Black Dragon Pool

    Black Dragon Pool (Hei Long Tan) is located in the northeastern suburban 12...
    Anning Hot Spring

    38 km away from city proper of Kunming, Anning Hot Spring is at the foo...

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Kunming-Lijiang Old Town-Dali Old Town-Kunming Stoneforest & Jiuxiang Karst Cave
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Roam Yunnan Three Forests and Dongchuan Red Land
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Dreamland of Shangri-la Tour
8 On call
A Major Discovery of Yunnan
12 On call
8-day Kunming-Jianshui-Bamei-Puzhehei-Mile- Stone Forest
8 On call
9 On call
8-Day Kunming-Puer-Yiwu-Mengla-Jinghong-Menghai-Kunming
8 On call
9-day Exploring Wa Lands
9 On call
Hiking from Tiger-leaping Gorge to Lugu Lake
19 On call
Discovering Dreams of Shangri-la from Sichuan to Yunnan
14 On call
Yunnan-The Wonderland
11 On call
Luoping Rape Flower Tour
3 On call
The Best Selections of Discovering Yunnan
8 On call
Yunnan Panorama
8 On call
The Comprehensive Choice of Roaming Yunnan
10 On call

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