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Chuxiong Yi Nationality Autonomous Prefecture is between Dianchi Lake beside Kunming and Erhai Lake in Dali.

Chuxiong is famous for "Yuanmon Man", the fossils of lama ancient ape of Lufeng about 80 million years ago. It is the well known as one of the birthplace of humanity and a treasure house of ancient living things' fossils. Other scenic spots like Wuding Lion Mountain and Colorful Yuanmou Earth Forest are attractive too.

The main scene of Lufeng is the dinosaur fossil, a provincial class scenic spot area and the Ramapithecus fossil. The scenic area is made up of the dinosaur hill, the relic of the Ramapithecus fossil at Shihuiba and Wutai Mountain, with an area of 50 square kilometers.

Since 1938, dinosaur fossils have been found constantly in Lufeng. 24 categories 33 species and hundred of complete dinosaur fossils have been unearthed. The discovery site of the skull, teeth fossils of many Ramapithecus is listed as a " major cultural relics reserve unit " by the State Council. Four dinosaur fossils are exhibited in Lufeng Dinosaur Museum. The largest is more than nine meters long and the shortest is 2.4 meters long.

Photos and diagrams of dinosaur fossils from all over of the world are also exhibited. There are also the halls of ancient living beings, the hall of bronze ware. Earthenware, and the hall of ancient pithecanthropus. At Shihuiba is the pagoda of the sun, the moon, and the star. 11.5 meters high and the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture of the ancient pithecanthropus are established. The Dinosaur fossil of Lufeng was once sent to Japan for exhibition.

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