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Qujing is located to the east of Yunnan province and is bordered by Guizhou and Guangxi provinces. The city of Qujing, the location of the provinces administrative offices, has been a strategic location in Yunnan since ancient times. It is often referred to as "The key to entering Yunnan". From the ShuHan Kingdom (AD221--263) to the early Tang Dynasty, it was the political, economic, and cultural center of the province and the earliest capital of old Yunnan (which included South Sichuan and West Guizhou) for 500 years. Today it is the second largest city in Yunnan, and is located only 157 km from Kunming. Its railways and highways radiate in all directions making transportation to and communications with other areas very convenient.

In the scenic area near the Pearl River's source, the third longest river in China rises from the Male and Female Cave east of Maxiong Mountain, in Qujing city. Here, the landscape is densely wooded with lush forests, which cover gently rolling hills, while Camellias and Azaleas bloom everywhere. Huashan Lake, clear, bright and quiet, seems boundless and vast. In the nearby Nature Cave, beating stalagmites against the walls can strike up the tunes of the National anthem, the A'Xi Moon Dance.

The Sand Colored Forest in Luliang has numerous colorful and lofty peaks. The 1614 figures of Buddha seated in a Pagoda and the Temple of a Thousand Buddhas located in a nearby town are both exceedingly rare. At the Fork of Three Rivers, water flows across the forest, while the forest rises above the water. The Waterfall of Nine Dragons is a series of stones within the river (the largest is 114 meters wide, 57 meters high). Ancient fish fossils from Xiaoxiang Lake date back to 42 billion years and are believed to be some of the earliest in the world. The " Cuanbaozi Stele" in the city of Qujing is a priceless treasure in the history of Chinese calligraphy.

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