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Baoshan profecture in western Yunan Province, is one of the earliest developing areas in Yunnan Province as well as the gateway of China to the Southeast and South Asian countries. Baoshan Prefecture borders on Dehong, Lincang, Dali and Nujiang prefectures of the Yunnan Province, meanwhile with boundary line of 167.78 km with Myanmar.

Under the jurisdiction of the Baoshan Prefecture there is one district and four counties. They are Longyang District, Shidian County, Tengchong County, Longling County and Changling County. The total area of Baoshan Prefecture covers approximately 1.96 square kilometers with a population of over 2.4 million, 0.2 million ethnic groups(14).  Baoshan Prefecture is known as "home of overseas Chinese" for more than 0.17 million overseas Chinese live in 29 regions and countries.  Heshun Town, overseas Chinese town, is the only town in Yunnan Province that was award as one of the most charming towns in China.

Baoshan Prefecture has built a comprehensive highway network. National Highway 320 and China-India Highway (known as Sidiway Highway in the Second World War) pass through the city from north to south with mileages totaling up to 9,936 kilometers. In addition, the Kunming-Baoshan and Baoshan-Longning Highways are in good operation. The Baoshan Airport has regular direct flights to Kunming.  The construction of Tengchong Airport has started, so has the reconstruction of Tengchong-Burma Highway.

Baoshan Prefecture is a mountainous region with abundant forests, mineral deposits, water resources, and geothermal energy resources. This unique terrain makes up the region's distinctive tourist attractions.  The Gaoligong Mountain Nature Preserve is known as "species gene pool "  (designated as National Nature Reserve by UNESO in 2000); the spectacular volcanic landscape formation has amazed numerous geologists.  Many travelers come to Tengchong for dips in the area's multitude of hot springs; the water is believed to have curling quality and dips in the streaming pool might treat stress-induced ailments. If you are adventurous, go to the Nujiang Grand Gorge- the second largest gorge for an unusual experience; As well, the colorful and charming minority customs are great attractions to visitors.

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