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The Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Nationalities Autonomous Prefecture is situated in the southeastern part of Yunnan. It covers a total area of 31,456 square kilometers. It borders Guangxin province to the East and Vietnam to the South. The principle nationalities inhabiting the prefecture are the Zhuang and the Miao.

The Karst topography forms a great variety of fantastic scenery with its mountains, waters, forest, stones and caverns. The Babao Sanla Waterfall pours out from openings in the towering peaks. The Puzhehei scenic area in Qiubei county embraces crystal lakes, magnificent mountainpeaks, thundering waterfalls and beautiful caverns. People say that the scenic beauty here surpasses even that found in Guilin.

Fairy Bathing Lake in the Shanghaizi area in Yunshan County is noted for its profuse flowers which bloom year round, while the county enjoys Spring-like weather in each of the four seasons. The Caves of the Liujing area of Wenshan attract scores of international travelers each year.

Wenshan Tourist Attractions

    Bamei Village

    After driving for over 40 kilometers north in Guangnan, where there is ...

    The Puzhehei tourist region in Qiubei County in the southeast of Yunnan...

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