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Located in the west of Zhejiang Province, Quzhou is a state-level historical and cultural famous city, a National Excellent Tourism City, a national garden city, and a National Eco-Model city west to Hangzhou, Jinhua and Lishui, east to Shangrao and Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province, and south to Huangshan, Anhui province. With one city, two districts and three counties under its direct jurisdiction, Quzhou covers an area of 8,841 Square Kilometers with a population of 2.49 million.

Quzhou can be generalized with three sentences. First, it is a city both young and ancient. As a state-level historical and cultural famous city enjoying a long history of over 1800 years, Quzhou was authorized as a Municipality only over 20 years ago. That's why it is denoted both young and old. The long history has contributed a lot to its splendid and profound culture, in particular, the long-standing and world-renown Confucius culture and Go culture. The Confuious Temple is one of the only two temples in China, and the ancient city wall with the traditional street is the only one in Zhejiang province. Meanwhile, the Langke Mountain is the origin of Chinese Go culture.

Second, it possesses picturesque landscapes. Quzhou is a National Excellent Tourism City, a national garden city, and a National Eco-Model city. Located by the source of Qianjiang River, the mother river of Zhejiang Province, with its spectacular sights and favorable environment, Quzhou is defined with "green hills and clear waters". It is one of the 9 regions with excellent ecology environment and one of the 12 regions with varied wild lives in China. The coverage of forest of Quzhou has reaches 71%, and the total water resource reaches nearly 100 billion m3. Most of the surface water possessess first or second class quality. The mineral deposits with clear ore reserves has reached more than 50, among which, the ore reserves of limestone, bone coal, bauxite, and fluoride are among the top list in China. The reserves of bone coal and linestone are respectively occupy 5/3 and 1/3 of those in Zhejiang. Quzhou is an enchanting resort that perfectly embodies the cultural essence of the ancient city and the charms of the southern part of the Yangtze River. It abounds with scenic spots and historic sites, sharing five features, namely "saintliness, deity, rarity, fascination, and mystery."

Third, it is known as "a thoroughfare leading to four provinces, and the origin of five transportations". Enjoying an advantageous location and convenient transportation, Quzhou has long been the hub of communications and trading and distribution center in the four neighboring provinces. With the construction of Jiujiang-Jingdezhen-Quzhou railway, and Hanghou-Xin'anjiang-Jingdezhen express way, it costs only 2 hours ride to Hangzhou and 3 hours ride to Shanghai and Ningbo. Increasing importance is being attached to Quzhou in a time of accelerating factor flowing.

Quzhou Tourist Attractions

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