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The city is located in the centre of eastern Guangdong, one of China's special economic zones, with an area of 2064 square kilometers and a population of 4,953,500. It administers six districts including Jinping, Longhu, Chenghai, Chaoyang and Chaonan as well as Nan'ao County. It is an important bridge for the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and Taiwan Strait's western coast economic belt. It is also one of China's key gateways to the outside world. Shantou has been honored with the titles of China Brand Economic City, China Top 100 Investment Environment City, National Intellectual Property Rights Experiment City, National Sanitary City, National Environmental Protection Model City and China Top Tourist City.

Long coastal lines and a pleasant subtropical marine climate provide the city with many charming tourist attractions. Beautiful mountains, natural beaches, and exquisite islands, together with the marine scenery that surrounds the harbor, form a breathtaking environment that is especially attractive to those who want to escape the busy life. The locals use their rich seaside resources to set up many resort villages that provide sound facilities and services for the tourists. In addition, the Tropic of Cancer traverses the city, making it a wonderful place to feel the instant alternation of spring and summer in China.

Shantou is one of the primary hometowns of Chinese who are living abroad. Shantou natives are scattered around the globe and can be found in over 40 regions and countries of the world. Those who have left the city often invest in their hometown and come back to work together with the locals. The exotic culture that they bring back to the city is then mixed with the traditional culture, forming a particular local flavor. The Chao music is well known for its dulcet melody, varying rhythms and peculiar instruments while the Chao opera is renowned for its beautiful aria and various playing roles. The Chao cuisine is one branch of the famous Cantonese cuisines.

Most of the dishes are cooked with seafood and various seasonings. They taste fresh, and are light but delicious. Enjoying a cup of Gongfu tea is also popular and has become one of the most welcomed forms of nightlife among the locals.

Shantou Tourist Attractions

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