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Chaozhou, lying in the eastern part of Guangdong Province, is at the intersection of Guangdong Province and Fujian Province. The city neighbors Shantou to the South, Jieyang to the southwest, Meizhou the northwest, Fujian Province to the east and faces the South China Sea to the southeast.

Chaozhou, the largest city in Guangdong, covers an area of 19,153 sq m and has a population of 2.5 million. Many people from Chaozhou live in Hong Kong, Macau and foreign countries. In Hong Kong, the Chaozhou People are called "Chiu Chow Loun", which indicates their place of origin, as Chiu Chow is Chaozhou in Cantonese. Chaozhou people are reputed to be hard-working because they have started many businesses in China and abroad. Many Chinese enterprisers are Chaozhou people, such as the Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing.

The city has access to convenient transportation. The Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou Railway, the Shenzhen-Shantou Highway, the Chaozhou-Jieyang Highway and the Shantou-Jieyang Highway run across the city, connecting the city with other major cities in Guangdong Province. The city is merely 200 km from Xiamen, 300 km from Shenzhen and 400 km from Guangzhou. The Shantou Airport, 30 km from downtown Chaozhou, offers daily flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and other major domestic cities. Chaozhou Port handled 2.87 million tons of freight in 2007.

Chaozhou enjoys a long history. In 214BC, during the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC), the region was under the administration of Nanhai Shire. In AD331, Haiyang County was set up as a part of Dongguan Shire. The region has borne several names, including Yi'an Shire, Xunzhou and Chaozhou.

It was first named Chaozhou during the Sui Dynasty (AD581-618). It had served as a political, economical and cultural center in Guangdong for a long time. Chaozhou is well-known for its Lingnan Culture. Chaouzhou Opera has over 500 years of history. It was formed on the basis of local folk dances and ballads. Gongfu Tea is still an important part of local culture in Chaozhou. Originating from the Song Dynasty, it has a bitter taste.

Chaozhou is rich in cultural, historical and natural tourism resources. Popular tourist destinations in Chaozhou include Beige Fodeng (the Lighthouse of Buddha, used by boats in the Hanjiang River), Guangji Gate Tower, Guangzi Bridge, Jiadingxiang (an ancient residence), the City Wall from the Ming Dynasty, Xu Fuma Mansion (Fuma means imperial son-in-law in Chinese) and Xihu Park. Guangji Gate Tower was constructed during the Ming Dynasty, and has over 600 years of history. It is located in Tuolin Town. The gate tower is a major symbol of Chaozhou. Guangzi Bridge was built in AD1170, during the Southern Song Dynasty.

Chaozhou cuisine is one of the major subtypes of Guangdong cuisine. It has a light taste and keeps the original flavors of the dishes. The most famous ones are Braised Goose, Chaozhou Braised Duck, Run Bin (also known as Popiah, which is very thin dough made from wheat flour and filled with stir-fried turnip), Steamed Dumpling and Thin Noodle.

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