China has a climate dominated by monsoonal winds. It features clear temperature differences in winter and summer. In winter, northerly winds coming from high latitude areas are cold and dry, and in summer, southerly winds from sea areas at lower longitudes are warm and moist. In addition, climates differ from region to region because of the country's extensive territory and complex topography. In the southeastern part south of the Nanling Mountains, rains are plenty and the temperature is high all year round. In the Yangtze and Huaihe river valleys in the central part, there are four distinctive seasons. In northeast China, summer is short but there is much sunshine, while winter is long and cold. Precipitation is limited in northwest China where it is cold in winter and hot in summer. In southwest China of low latitudes, the land is elevated high, and it features vertical seasonal zones with temperatures differing from a valley to a mountain peak.

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