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Diqing (Shangri-la) in Yunnan Province

  • Visitors to the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture will surely find themselves in a land where mysterious tranquillity is harmoniously blended with the ever-changing scenery.

    Three snow-capped mountains - Meili, Baimang and Haba - tower magnificently over the landscape, crisscrossed by the Jinsha (Golden Sand) and Lancang (Mekong) rivers which are flanked by overhanging cliffs. Snowy peaks form a huge backdrop whose beauty is a feast to behold. Mirror-like plateau lakes, scattered over the vast expanse of grassland...

Diqing (Shangri-la) Tourist Attractions


Experts with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) have said that Yunnan Province is poised to become one of Asia's most sought-after travel destinations as well in the next 20 years.

Home to 25 ethnic groups, Yunnan is mysterious and appealing to European and American tourists who are amazed at the ethnic culture and various customs here.