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Buddhist mountain to launch 'smart' tourism program

Posted on Dec 12, 2016 xinhua

Mount Wutai, one of China's four sacred Buddhist mountains, has signed an agreement with Shanxi Cable and Broadcasting Information Network to launch a smart tourism service around Mount Wutai, the management committee of the scenic area said Sunday.

With a planned investment of 4.5 million yuan (650,000 U.S. dollars), the omega replica watches program named "smart Mount Wutai" will offer free wi-fi service, a network system providing services, including an intelligent voice guide, ticket booking, as well as hotel and restaurant information to tourists.

As part of the province's plan to build smart tourism, the program will provide more convenience to Mount Wutai tourists.

Added to UNESCO's World Heritage List in 2009, Mount Wutai is home to about 50 Buddhist temples built between the 1st century and early 20th century.

The site is in Wutai County, Xinzhou City in Shanxi Province, 230 km from the provincial capital, Taiyuan.



Experts with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) have said that Yunnan Province is poised to become one of Asia's most sought-after travel destinations as well in the next 20 years.

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