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Macao to add 142 extra and charter flights for summer vacation

Posted on Jul 04, 2017 Xinhua

To cater for travel demand during summer vacation, 142 extra and charter flights have been approved to operate in Macao, the special administrative region's civil aviation authority said on Monday.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Macao (AACM) said in its news release that it has so far approved 142 extra and charter flights destined to the mainland, China's Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and Japan, to cater for the demand for travel of both Macao residents and tourists who take Macao as a transit point to travel to other places.

In accordance with the application submitted by Air Macau this year,replica watches AACM has approved them to operate from July 4 to August 31, 2017, including 57 flights to Taipei, 26 to Kaohsiung, 30 to Bangkok, 17 to Jeju, eight to Ningbo and four to Okinawa.

AACM said in addition to the above extra and charter flights, it has also approved the applications for the capacity increase submitted by Air Macau and Tigerair respectively for their Taiyuan flights and Taiwan flights.

When the peak travelling season comes, such as summer vacation and Spring Festival holidays, airlines departing from and arriving in Macao usually provide extra capacity to satisfy the travelling need of the passengers.



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