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Tour Code: RC-YN016

Hiking from Tiger-leaping Gorge to Lugu Lake

Destinations: Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Tiger-leaping Gorge, Lugu Lake

Duration: 19 Days

Difficulties Index:  5 of 5

Best View: 
Autumn (September-November), Winter and Spring

Overview: This is the top selection of Yunnan Hiking Tour. The professional program covers all highlights of Yunnan sightseeing: Dali Old Town, the cheap replica sunglasses Three Pagodas, Erhai Lake, Lijiang Old Town, Tiger-Leaping Gorge, Lugu Lake and Stone Forest. You will explore the natural Bai, Naxi, Mosuo, Sani people and their virgin lands, combine with walking, biking and the very hard trekking tour. It's suitable for persons who are used to replica sunglasses for sale trekking.

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1: Hongkong

Take a flight from France to Hongkong (CX260 1400/0730)

Day 2: Kunming

Take a flight from Hongkong to Kunming (KA6720, 1200/1425). Our friendly staff and the Guide will meet you at the Kunming airport, and transfer to the Hotel.

* Meals: -/-/D
* Overnight at Kunming Hotel (4-star)

Day 3: Dali

Drive from Kunming to Dali (4-5 hour's drive), Visit Dali Old Town and the Three Pagodas in Chong Sheng Temple. Take the Gantong cable car sightseeing in Cangshan Mountain and nearby scenic spots (Trekking to Zhonghe Temple).

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Dali Landscape Hotel (4-star)

Day 4: Dali

Drive to Visit Erhai; to enjoy Lakeside is to take a leisurely ride on a bicycle or on our tour carts. Then, take a farmer's boat to visit Erhai Lake.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Dali Landscape Hotel (4-star)

Day 5: Shaxi Town

Drive to visit Dali Shibaoshan Mountain. About 110km northwest of Dali are the Stone Treasure Mountain Grottoes (Shibaoshan Shiku). There are three temple groups: Stone Bell (Shizhong), Lion Pass (Shizi Guan) and Shadeng Village. They include some of the best Bai stone carvings in southern China and offer insights into life at the Nanzhao court of the 9th century. When arrive in there, trekking to Shi Zhong Temple and Shaxi Market. Shaxi: a market town is the only surviving example of a Southern Silk Road trade center. It has been listed by the World Monuments Fund as one of the 100 most endangered sites in the world.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Shaxi Culture Center (Guesthouse)

Day 6: Qitaotou Village, Lijiang

Trekking in Shibaoshan Mountain in the morning, after lunch, drive to Lijiang Qitaotou Village.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Qiaotou Yi Xiang Hostel

Day 7: Bendiwan village

Trekking to Tiger-Leaping Gorge. There are two trails - the 22km old 'high' road, known as the 28 bend path and the shorter newer 'low road' Trekking in high road, though the trail is pretty tough, but with beautiful views that start off with farmland lots of terraced cornfields. (Qiaotou village -Naxi Family Guesthouse, stopped there for a brief rest - '28 bends' - Halfway Guesthouse at Bendiwan village)

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Halfway Guesthouse

Day 8: Daju

Trekking & Take a mini bus from Halfway Guesthouse to Daju.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Daju Guesthouse

Day 9: Baoshan Stone Town

Take a mini bus from Daju to Yangzinaoke, then trekking to Lijiang Baoshan Stone City. Baoshan Stone Town is a small town of one hundred families located on top of a gigantic rock. Below this stone town and towards the east, lies the Jinshajiang River. The other three sides are steep cliffs. In this town, you may be amazed at the sight of many household implements made of stone.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Local Guesthouse

Day 10: Liuqing Village

It's a 7-hour trek to Liuqing Village. The first part of the hiking is very hard as you will ascent from 1788m to 2499m (Taiziguan Pass). After descending from the summit of the pass, the beautiful Crown Gorge looks much thinner and quieter. Instead of climbing over two steep mountains, you can use tunnels that were dug by hand many years ago. You will find the blue sky very lovely after the darkness of the tunnels. Then pass through the tranquil forest to Liuqing Village.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Local Guesthouse

Day 11: Labo Village

Today we trek for approximately seven hours and half to Labo, an ethnical Mosuo and Naxi village. The Yangtze River lies at the foot of mountains. The village is scattered along the route. We will meet friendly and smiling villagers. Today we Crossing wooden irrigation canals and terraced fields, the last Naxi village in our trek. There we crossed the Yangtze River by boat again, and continue to walk toward Labo village, a nice Mosuo village.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Local Guesthouse (public shower and toilet)

Day 12: Bajiahe Village

Trek from Labo Village to Bajiahe.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Local Guesthouse (public shower and toilet)

Day 13: Zhuangzi Village

Trek from Bajiahe to Zhuangzi. From Bajiahe, sometimes we have to stop for a short time while local farmers drive their cattle across the road. In the forest full of pine and oak trees, sometimes we heard the sounds of horse bell and horseman's before they come in sight. We will reach the Mosuo village-Zhuangzi.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Local Guesthouse (public shower and toilet)

Day 14: Luoshui Village, Yongning County

Leaving Zhuangzi behind us, we continue to trek for approximately five to six hours to Yongning. We will first hike up over Zhangzi Pass (3,500m) and down the mountain walk through the tranquil scenery and memorable views to Yongning where our bus is waiting. Drive to Luoshui Village.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Mosuo Fengqing Yuan (Guesthouse)

Day 15: Ninglang County

Drive to visit Lugu Lake. The lake is in the shape of a horse's hoof - long from north to south and narrower from east to west. Mystery and charm surround the lake, partly because it was once an unspoiled place and still retains much of its totally natural beauty, but mostly because the Mosuo people who live there form a matriarchal society. Drive to Ninglang County.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Tianbao Hotel (2-star)

Day 16: Lugu Lake , Lijiang

Drive back to Lijiang. Stop at Ninglang County (about 2 hours drive from Lugu Lake) for a visit to the local bazaar. Between Ninglang and Lijiang, lie some small villages, so stop from time to time to have a short visit. It takes about 7 hours to drive from Lugu Lake back to Lijiang. Have a nice walking in Lijiang Old Town in evening.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Lijiang Sanhe Guesthouse (3-star)

Day 17: Lijiang

Enjoy a bicycle trip to Baisha village, Yufeng Temple, Shuhe Old Town, Black Dragon Pool in Lijiang.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Lijiang Sanhe Guesthouse (3-star)

Day 18: Kunming, Stone Forest

Take a morning flight from Lijiang to Kunming. Then Visit the Stone Forest, the geological Karst wonder with colorful Sani people living around.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Tianqi A Shi Ma Hotel in Stone Forest (3-star)

Day 19: Hongkong

Transfer to the airport, and see you off. (Kunming-Hongkong, 1520/1735)

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Home to 25 ethnic groups, Yunnan is mysterious and appealing to European and American tourists who are amazed at the ethnic culture and various customs here.