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Tour Code: RC-YN003

Yunnan-The Wonderland

Destinations: Kunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Dali, Lijiang, Tiger-Leaping Gorge, Zhongdian

Duration: 11 Days

Difficulties Index:  1 of 5

Overview: Archaeological findings from the region suggest that Yunnan is one of the original birthplaces of the ancient Chinese civilization, and can even be considered one of the oldest birthplaces for mankind itself in Asia and the world.

The Yuanyang terraced fields, for example, have an extremely long history that scholars believe dates back more than 1,300 years. The Yuanyang terraced fields, gracing the slopes of mountain after mountain, are truly awe-inspiring to behold. Thousands of tiered stages, which collectively form the terraced fields, stretch from the various villages situated at the tops of the mountains down to the depths of the dark valleys. Through their wonderful patterns, embraced by flowing clouds and mysterious fog, the terraced fields magically integrate mountains, villages, water, and sky into a fluid mural of natural and primordial beauty.

Yunnan ranks first in China in terms of the variety of its ethnic groups, with 26 nationalities living in compact communities throughout the region. Among the ethnic groups, the colorful customs of the Yi people at the Stone Forest, Hani people in Yuanyang, Bai people in Dali, Naxi people in Lijiang and Tibetans in Zhongdin are particularly notable. They have each produced rich and unique cultures that are perfectly and harmoniously fused with the wonderful natural landscapes of Yunnan. Together they compose an image of 'Everlasting Shangri-La' that attracts numerous tourists from all over the world. discountwatchesonline.com

Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Kunming

Our friendly staff and the Guide will meet you at the Kunming airport. Transfer to the Hotel. And if time permits, visit the Symbol of Kunming--Golden Horse & Jade Phenix Archway, and the Dongsi, Xisi pagoda.

* Meals: -/-/D
* Overnight at Kunming 4-star Hotel

Day 2: Stone Forest-Yuanyang

We will drive 86 km to the Stone Forest. There is a local saying: 'It is a waste of time not to visit the Stone Forest while visiting Kunming', which vividly expresses the deep love of the local people toward this world wonder. The quintessential karst landscape makes every tourist lost in wonder. After this, we will drive around 3.5 hours to Yuanyang and enjoy the sight of terraced fields of Laohuzui (Tiger Mouth) at sunset.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Yuanyang 3-star Hotel

Day 3: Yuanyang-Jianshui

We'll visit Doyishu Village to enjoy the sight of terraced fields when the sun appears above the eastern horizon. And then, we will visit Qingkou Village where Hani people inhabit for generations. And transfer to Jianshui. Check in and walking around at the typical southern private garden -the Garden of Family Zhu in evening.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Jianshui 4-star Hotel

Day 4: Jianshui-Kunming

In the morning, we will visit Tuanshan Village and the Garden of Family Zhang. Tuanshan Village is a rare surviving example of an intact-albeit neglected-traditional walled Yunnan village compound in southwestern China, and has been added to the 2005 list of internationally significant sites by the World Memorial Fund for Architecture (WMF), an international fund for the protection of world heritage sites. And then, we'll drive back to Kunming. Enjoy mushroom hotpot as dinner.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Kunming 4-star Hotel

Day 5: Kunming-Dali

Take a Morning flight to Dali. We'll travel in the Erhai Lake by boat and visit Jinsuo Island. After landing, we will head for Xizhou Town to fully appreciate Bai-style architecture, taste their fragrant three-course tea and explore their distinctive culture. And then, we will visit the Three-pagoda in Chongshen Temple, which is a typical historical symbol of Yunnan. At last, we will visit the Old Dali Town.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Dali 4-star Hotel

Day 6: Dali-Lijiang

In the morning, we'll embark on a scenic drive with Mt. Cangshan on one side and the Erhai Lake on the other, driving to Lijiang (3-hour drive). We'll head for the scenic Black Dragon Pool and the Dongba Museum to explore the rich Naxi minority culture. After dinner, we will attend the concert of the ancient Naxi music in the evening.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Lijiang 4-star Hotel

Day 7: Lijiang

We'll visit Ganhaizi Meadow, Baishui River; visit the Maoniuping (Yak) Meadow in the Yulong Snow Mountain by chairlift. In the afternoon, we'll stroll through Baisha Village, which is an enchanting traditional Yunnan village, and we'll drive to visit Yufeng Lamasery. And then, we'll go to Xuesong Village and visit the former residence of Joseph Rock, famous botanist and expert on Naxi culture. At last, we'll head for Huangshan Village where traditional Naxi people inhabit and we'll take our dinner of local flavor at a Naxi home there.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Lijiang 4-star Hotel

Day 8: Tiger Leaping Gorge-Zhongdian

From Lijiang, we'll travel north by road into the mountains stopping at the First Bend of the Yangtze River. We will visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world. And then, we'll head for Zhongdian. Upon arrival in Zhongdian, we will have entered the Tibetan cultural area and a landscape of barley fields and yaks scattered in the valleys. Towards evening we'll take yak butter tea and participate in Tibetan dances in the home of a local Tibetan family.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Zhongdian 4-star Hotel

Day 9: Zhongdian

Pay a visit to Pudacuo National Park and Songzhanlin monastery, a famous monastery that is entitled as "The Minor Potala Palace". And then, we'll visit the Old Town of Zhongdian and the Guishan Park.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Zhongdian 4-star Hotel

Day 10: Zhongdian-Kunming

We'll take a morning flight return to Kunming. After having returned, we'll drive 15km to the Western Hills and visit Huating Temple which is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Kunming. We'll catch a chairlift to skip the fairly steep ascent to the summit, and we'll reach the Dragon Gate that is a group of grottoes, sculptures, corridors, tunnels and pavilions that were hacked from the cliff between 1781 and 1853 by a Taoist monk and co-workers. We'll spend some time exploring the bustling Flower and Bird Market.

* Meals: B/L/D
* Overnight at Kunming 4-star Hotel

Day 11: Kunming-Home

Transfer to the airport and see you off.

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Our quotation including the followings:

1. Overnight at 3-4 star hotels as listed in the tour program. Standard rooms (twin bed).
2.Transportation: Tour Mini bus.
3.The tickets of the main gate for all the scenic spots. And also the renovation fee for the old town Lijiang.
4.Service provided by English-Speaking guide. (Local tour guide).
5. Air tickets From Kunming to Lijiang & From Zhongdian to Kunming.
6.The airport construction fee. Fuel Fee.
7. Tour insurance cheap fake watches.

The following would not be included:

1. The international air ticket of arrival and departure.
2. Excess baggage, tips to the guide and driver, and other personal expenses.
3. Aviation insurance.


Meals included as listed: B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D= Dinner.

Experts with the World Tourism Organization (WTO) have said that Yunnan Province is poised to become one of Asia's most sought-after travel destinations as well in the next 20 years.

Home to 25 ethnic groups, Yunnan is mysterious and appealing to European and American tourists who are amazed at the ethnic culture and various customs here.